I Hate Vlog Candy

This is an easy one because I KNOW I can’t be the only one who is angry about this shit. The recent trend in giving very young kids (15-19) undeserved celebrity status due to “popular” Youtube videos is something that gets my blood boiling like nothing else. Recently (last 2 years I think) a group of some of the more “popular” vloggers started a coalition called Vlog Candy (http://www.kandykrew.com/). Let me preface my rant by saying that if these kids were vloging about something interesting or important (media, news, etc.) I wouldn’t care at all. What exactly are these kids vlogging about you ask? ABSO-FUCKIN-LUTELY NOTHING! The content of their videos ranges from covering a popular song…horribly, lip syncing with songs and dancing around like fucking idiots (one of the girl vloggers speeds up the songs to make it more the vocals more like a girl’s voice…I dislike her the most) and talking about the new shoes they just bought or other inane teenage bullshit…little fuckers just put out a vlog musical too. The part I hate most is that they’re trying (via their coalition) to create some sort of online show, with no content, and they’re SOMEWHAT SUCCEEDING AT IT! The fore-fathers of entertainment would be fucking SICK if they know what happened to their beloved craft. Fuck you Vlog Candy.


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